Stop Making Sense 2023

cannot begin to tell you how excited i am for this. easily my fave movie about music ever.


Same as it ever was… same as it ever was…

Once in a lifetime experience

i hadn’t seen this since we used to go see it repeatedly in the theaters when it came out, which would be high school for me. then i watched it again for the first time in decades a few months ago on youtube, and immediately watched it 3 more times. i forgot how amazing it was and just what a spellbinding performer david was. i get tired just watching him run around non-stop on stage.

btw in one of the youtube comments a guy talks about seeing this tour live and all the things that were omitted from the movie. the coolest thing is that after the stagehands got done building the stage live, they went out into the audience, cleared everyone back and constructed a dance floor that everyone crowded onto when it was completed and commenced to all dance their asses off. man i wish that was filmed.

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I remember eating takeout Chinese with my roommate and listening to the radio, and the announcer said that Talking Heads were playing that night and tickets were still available. We jumped into the car and drove down, it was on the Stop Making Sense tour, and as good as the movie is, the show was better live. Just one of those moments in life when it all comes together.

They took out a bunch of seats and laid down a dance floor in back. Only band I saw do that in an arena. Mostly groups are we want more ticket revenue.

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