Straight or angled cables

Complete beginner. Have only played air guitar, drums , bass etc. Please indulge me. Just bought my first bass- a Yamaha rbx 170 Y (I know, I know) and now I’m looking at cables. Looks like the jack is on the side? Is it better to purchase straight/straight cables or straight/right. Don’t want to start WWIII, be told this is the dumbest question in the history of bass, or see pictures of your motorcycles- just an actual answer. Thank you! bass1


Great choice for a first bass!

I prefer 90 degree cables going in to the bass, less torque on the jack that way. So I always use a straight/right angle cable. Either work (some basses need a straight cable there due to how the jack is oriented.) For yours I would definitely use a right-angle cable though.

In one of his early lesson vids (Module 1 Lesson 1) Josh gives a trick on how to plug the cable in (basically, thread it through the strap first.)

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I have 90 degree going into the instrument and straight going into the amp. No particular reason that I can think of, I just do.


Same as above. Angled into the bass, straight into the amp.
Where the lead goes into my bass it would hit the floor when I stand my bass up against a wall so angled is much better for me.
Also, it works better when the lead is threaded through the strap first and then into the bass.


Depends upon what the socket on the guitar is like and where it is.
Normally, as others have said, an angled cable at guitar end and through the strap

But if it’s a socket like on a Strat, then I go for straight end but still through strap

I’d probably also have a straight cable out of the socket on something like a Les Paul, or your Yamaha rbx 170 Y - in both cases, also through the strap, but thats just me.

Always a straight end into the amp though, and I sort of loop/tie it through the amp handle.

It’s not a stupid question btw - if you’ve only just started, then there’s going to be lots of things you’ll want to ask about, that may seem simple to you in a a year or so from now.


Yeah also @StinsonAlliance84, I’m not sure what forums you’ve been part of before but everyone here is good hearted and helpful. So wherever that last sentence came from, I wouldn’t worry about it in the future.


Well, I have seen motorcycles in here… :grin:

But, yeah, not to worry - all sound advice here!! Straight (amp) - right (bass) it is, I would say!


Oh and here’s a pic of one of my motorcycles now you’ve reminded me


Thank you all! Straight/Angled it is! And only one picture of a motorcycle this time- Well done!


Nice choice for a starter bass. That is the same one I have.

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