Strap button problem

Some genius thought that placing a S-lock-style strap button here was a good idea. It’s not. Well, either that, or I’m doing something wrong.

For context, it’s a Vamypre with a 35" scale, from the Rockbass line. And with very, and i mean very thick strings. Also known as bridge cables.

Anyway, two problems with this thing:

  1. The strap lock is way too long, and pokes my otherwise rather fat gut. The threaded bit that goes into the strap is also quite thick, so i’d have to make the hole on the strap bigger. Meaning no other strap locks, ever, on this strap.
  2. Crazy neck dive. Granted, it’s a slightly longer scale, but this is way beyond the “get lighter tuners” neck dive. My guess is, the neck button is simply too far from the end of the horn, so the strap doesn’t really have the leverage to hold the neck in place.

What with having to replace the locks anyway, I thought of moving the neck button. And this is the problematic bit. Do i drill a hole in the back, closer to the end of the horn (same side as it is now), or can i poke a hole in that rather thin edge on the end of the horn, like, into the tip? Is it thick enough for the button to stay in place, or will it crack/rip/tear/fall out eventually?

Thanks in advance.

To clarify the “edge on the end of the horn” part, something like this:

My only concern is that the Vampyre horn is somewhat thinner than the one on this BTB.

Bingo! Move that puppy to the end of your body horn and, as Brits say, Bob’s your uncle.