Strap for an Acoustic Bass?

I have an acoustic bass (Hohner TWP 600B Professional). Looks like this.

It doesn’t have a strap nut on the “horn” (it doesn’t really have a horn either, but that’s what I’ll call that point/part on the upper left of the body when I’m playing it right-handed). It does have one at the bottom of the bass.

So I think I’ll have to attach it by a string to right behind the nut, yes?

My question is - what is the best strap for me? I assume I’ll need a longer one. I also ideally can have padding on my shoulder, but most of the padded ones are not expecting there to be that additional 1-2 feet of strap over to the nut.

Thoughts? Thanks!


Please listen to Randy, he knows what he’s talking about…

Install a strap button, it’s really not that hard…