Strap slipping solution?

I’ve got a bass and strap combo that I really like, but it does suffer from some pretty serious neck dive. I know I can and maybe should get some lightweight tuners… I know I could use a different strap, maybe suede, for example… But I don’t want to spend the $ for new tuners right now, and I absolutely love the look of this particular strap with this bass. It’s a guitar strap with the typical nylon (or whatever it is) on the underside; it works well and is comfortable, but it’s pretty slick and slides around too much/too easily.

So, what I’m wondering is this: Has anyone had any success with attaching something to the underside of a strap in order to give it better grip on your clothing? If so, what did you use? I’d love some suggestions. Thanks!


you can buy add-on nonslip-pads made for guitar/bass straps, these cost but probably cheaper than new tuners…guitar gummy is one name I remember but there a few different brands on amazon etc.

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Have you — or has anyone here — tried those gummies? I saw that online, but when I started reading the reviews, guitar players did not seem very impressed.

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no sorry, I never got one because my neoprene strap became much less slidey after I had it for a while so I didn’t need it

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I know you stated that you’re trying to not spend biggish bucks on lighter tuners, but they are a worthy investment, assuming you value the bass and plan on keeping it.

Neck dive is a pain in the…neck and/or shoulder.

You might be able to use some sticky thing to eliminate slip with your current strap, but the neck dive will still be there - succumbing to gravity. The result will likely be pressure at the point of strain: your shoulder.

Of course, it’s ultimately your choice, but lighter tuners and a wide strap will work together to fix the issue.


I feel you anguish.

I have a Les Paul guitar that I had the same issues with and stopped the head dive by running the strap under my belt on the back end.

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Mike, I’ve been looking at lightweight tuners. Do you – or does anyone else – have any recommendations especially between Gotoh Res-o-lites and Hipshot Ultralights (licensed version)?
It seems that the Gotoh tuners are über rare at the moment, but I did locate a dealer who appears to have them in stock.

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@thebanjoplayer the Gotoh’s have been reviewed well from a few channels I’ve seen.

They’re a bit cheaper at around $100 for a set and about 62g each

I used the USA ultralites on my last build. They’re about $120 and lighter at 55g each. Also the design is much smaller than the 4 hole Gotoh.

They’re both good.


I have USA Hipshot Ultralite on two of my basses. I love ‘em. The licensed versions are a lot cheaper, but they are cast metal. They are heavier than the USA versions. If cost is a factor, the licensed version is a good option.


You can try searching for “guitar gummy” on Amazon. They ship worldwide and it should work. Another tip is to put some tire weights in the electronics cavity (see the second link), that’ll alleviate some of the neckdive until you can spend on the tuners.

Guitar gummy

Stick on wheel weights (plastic covered!)

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This topic has been covered several times in the past on the forum.
It is always a good idea to do a search for a topic before starting a new thread.
Just a suggestion to help keep the forum less cluttered with similar topics :+1:

If you really like that guitar strap for your bass, you could un-sew the nylon backing and replace it with thin suede leather.
That is what I would do for a long term solution.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!
I had some success yesterday using a strip of suede hot glued onto the underside of my strap. Only problem is that the bond gave up the ghost within an hour or so, probably because the non-suede side was too smooth. (It’s a strip of belt leather I had lying around.) I’m going to rough it up and try again since it’s a completely free (if perhaps temporary) fix.

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Super Glue or heavy-duty double-stick tape will work better than hot glue.

Probably so; although, super glue would leave a permanent scar on the strap, whereas hot glue peels off almost perfectly leaving little to no trace.
I had thought of using double-sided tape, but I couldn’t find mine.

Ok, do you promise not to laugh?

Here’s what I came up with, and so far, it seems like the perfect cheap-o solution:

When the leather strap came off but the hot glue itself stayed put, it gave me an idea. Why not use the hot glue itself as a means of creating friction? (After all, those stick-on silicone Guitar Gummies™ are just a fancy way of creating friction between your strap and your shoulder.) See, it’s not that the headstock of my bass is so ridiculously heavy; if that were the case (or if the tuners just sucked and warranted replacement, which imo they don’t), I’d logically have to go with new tuners — and some day, I most likely will. But as it is, the headstock is just barely falling down; I just a little something to make a minimal difference.

Behold! Hot glue traction strips (patent pending). And remember, you promised not to laugh! It looks crappier in the picture than irl. I promise.


Hey, if it works, it works. Just plan on not playing in hot weather.

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Stellar job - I chuckled, is that allowed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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