Streaming Bass Buzz from cell phone to pc or tv

What is everyone using to stream bass lessons from your cell phone to a desktop monitor or tv? Because my job i only can practice late at night when my wife & son are asleep. Normally i just plug into my headphones straight to my iPhone but id really like to practice through my desktop monitor.


There have been some other threads about this same topic, if you do a search. But I’ll give you the short answer: I used Chromecast to cast the B2B lessons from my phone to my 55 inch TV.
I still use Chromecast for various other things, but that’s how I did B2B.


Like @PamPurrs said. Google Chromecast should work for TV and standalone desktop monitors with a HDMI connection.


Ok i will definitely give that a go I appreciate the helpful advice :slightly_smiling_face:


You can get an adaptor for your iphone to go to HDMI and then to your desktop monitor, but then how would you hear it?
If you are in front of your desktop monitor (assuming it’s connected to a PC) why not just go through your PC?

For TV I use AppleTV, cause that’s what I have.


My laptop has an HDMI interface. My tv has an HDMI interface. I take the cable from the PS4 and plug in the laptop, and with a wireless mouse ready to rock


I originally tried hooking up directly to the desktop computer but for some reason when i begin playing along with the lessons it locks up meaning the video just stops and cant load. I bought an upgraded sound blaster sound card and still same. I’ll probably try the chrome cast idea next. Thanks for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure what you’ve tried. I use obs studio Https:// in this practice setup: on my pc playing the lesson using&streaming it through obs studio directly to the pc, on my phone with obs studio recording and through wifi streaming it to the pc at the same time. Now I can use the hdmi cable to connect my pc directly to my tv. Otherwise it wouldn’t play the lesson through on my tv, just like you said.

This way I:

  1. See the lesson
  2. Record my own playing (to look and listen back later) at the same time
  3. Can use headphones to play late at night

Just my two cents


The video locking up is not normal. I’ve only used BassBuzz on my desktop and plenty of others have too. I don’t think it’s the sound card. My first guess would be that this is something with the browser you are using. Try a different browser as a test and see if you get the same result or not. Playing BassBuzz lessons shouldn’t really be that different than playing a YouTube or Vimeo video. Do you have any issues with that?


I use headphones i bought on Amazon (One Odio A71) these allow me to plug into my cell phone but also my bass amp (Fender Rumble 25) it’s actually pretty nice to jam along with lessons, but using the desktop is where it locks up. Its an old pc and I’ll admit im not very good with computers but after talking to my brother he said he’ll swing by and try hooking up a hdmi pc video card just to see if that works. Since my desktop is ancient i may just buy a new laptop that would solve my issue. The website definitely looks intriguing I appreciate that info. I did try a different browser firefox and google chrome but i am almost getting the impression its my old pc. As a beginner bass player i want to say how awesome this website is so many good people wanting to help each other out thanks to everyone who chimed in :love_you_gesture:t3:

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