String Identification

Hey, gang. Need a little bit of help. I have two sets of flats out of the package. I know that one is a set of LaBella Deep Talking flats, and the other is a set of Rotosound Jazz Bass flats.

They both have black thread windings on the tuner-end of the string. One has two gold ball-ends, a white ball-end, and a black ball-end. The other has one gold ball-end, one blue ball-end, one white ball-end, and one red ball-end.

Can anyone help me identify which is which?



Just for you @JustTim i opened my new set of dep talkin flats pack for you.

Mystery solved :joy:


You are the man, @Al1885. Thanks!

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I’m glad I could help.

You totally did.

I had put the (now identified as) La Bella Deep Talkin Bass flats on my new Dimension, and I really like it.

I can say that there is a big difference between an American Standard and an American Deluxe. The passive VVT on the Standard does not hold a candle to the active 3-band and the pickup configuration switch on the Deluxe.

Which means I’m probably going to keep my eye out for a Deluxe. :smiley:

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I imagine that the American standard is the similar if not same circuit as the Squier Dimension. Like you said, it’s not bad but not in the same HiFi league as the deluxe.

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