String noise with high gain

How do you all deal with string noise when playing with high gain? I’m probably over doing it on the gain in the first place but would love to hear if anyone has some technique suggestiong to try to reduce the sound of fingers sliding on your string, besides just using something like a noise gate.

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Flats do wonders. If you don’t want them, think about half rounds… When it comes to finger movement noise, on lines where I definitely don’t want it, I do an instant-muting with the left hand–think ghost notes. Or, I mute the string entirely with my picking hand while making sure my fretting hand is totally off of strings. You have correctly narrowed the culprit down to gain. Gain sounds awesome but it is basically a magnifier of technique. You might even consider using a glove on your fretting side if it’s too fiddly to try to control.
Don’t give up–just keep shredding.

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The obvious suggestion is don’t drag the strings.

You may also want to drop the treble a bit too. There are many product you can use to reduce string noise like FingerEase, Dry’N’Glide, and string lube.


Or you could accept that it’ll get drowned out in the mix and keep thumpin’


True that!


If you haven’t listened to any famous isolated bass lines, you should. It will give you a better idea of how much scrape and noise happens outside the practice space. I found it rather eye opening.


String noises are nice, just learn to love them :slight_smile:

They will get lost in the mix anyway.