String type

So just bought A Squier bass and the strings have a different sound then my old bass. They are still round wound but have a more metallic sound. I’m still a noob and wondering what is causing the differnt sound. Is there a big difference between steel and nickel?


The type of string will have an impact on the tone, as will the brand, and how they are wound, and what the core is, etc…
New strings will sound very bite until they are broken in.
Have you stretched your strings at all?

1 - Tune your bass
2 - put your finger under the string at the bridge and run it under the string up towards the nut.
3 - tune your bass
4 - repeat several times.

you can bend them from side to side and pull on them, whatever, but they need some help when they are brand new, weather on a newly purchased instrument, or a newly strung one.


Right on. I’ll give that a try. Thanks🤙


Toby gave great advice, I’ll chime in with an answer to the original question - yes there CAN be a huge difference between string types. I have a set of D’Addario nickel rounds on my Warwick that sound much more metallic than the Warwick rounds set that came on it. I would describe them as being much brighter.