Strings! (mellow roundwound reccs?)

I’m looking for a warm and mellow round-wound set of strings in the “light” gauge. Something that’s like 40 or 45-100. Anyone have any recommendations?

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Just put a set of the Thomastik 43-100 strings on one of my basses and they are certainly what you are looking for but on the higher price end

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The D’Addario string finder suggests their ECB81 Chromes for a warm and mellow sound. They are, however, flatwounds. Any specific reason why you’re looking for roundwounds?

I don’t like the sustain or the thumpy nature of flat-wounds.

So do I. These might be an option. Like them, nice warm sound and crisp in higher register.

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Have you looked at tapewounds? They are warmer than round wounds, and brighter than flats. And feel nice to play.

Otherwise you might want to check out some of the more expensive sets of strings. I put a set of Fodera’s on my Noir bass and they have a fat tone, nice bottom end, and are very smooth. But they are more expensive.

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I use TI Jazz Flats on my Jazz bass. Loads of sustain,crisp highs and they mellow beautiful as time goes. Not thuddy or muffled. Just beautiful sound and so easy to play. They cost a lot but last forever.

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SIT Strings Electric Bass Nickel Foundations, .040 - .100, FN40100L

At SIT Strings Electric Bass Nickel Foundations, .040 - .100, FN40100L


I have these on my Marcus Miller M5. Smooth feel, very low string noise. Fine strings.

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