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So, I’ve got my Fender American professional ii p bass set up with Ernie Ball cobalt flats. Love the strings, absolutely love them - at home, while practicing. During band rehearsal last night, the strings got sticky, and obv. my plucking hand fingers got a bit sweaty. I’ve tried fast fret and it doesn’t work on these flats. I’ve tried literally all other flats out there (including chromes, LaBella, and TI) and prefer these Ernie Ball cobalt flats, so I won’t try more flats. I’m trying like hell to avoid roundwound strings only because I don’t like string noise when sliding fingers up and down strings, changing notes, etc. I don’t mind brighter sounding strings at all, and I found a bunch of really slick roundwound strings that work well for me. So my question is this: what are ways that you’ve tried to neutralize string noise (from sliding fingers) on roundwound strings when plugged in? Any tricks or ideas to share? I really need to reduce persistent sticky string problems, as I’ll be gigging quite a bit this summer. Thank you!

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I don’t have an issue with Fast Fret on flats. I also am trying the Music Nomad version but its essentially the same thing.

Other things to try

  1. Wash your hands first?

  2. Try a product called “Finger Ease”, its a spray and might work better with your chemistry.


The DR Coated (and colored strings) are designed to wick the sweat, and could help with your issue.


Thanks, John. I’ve gotten some alcohol-based hand wipes to ensure that my hands are clean and I purchased the string fuel kit from music nomad. I’m assuming that with the right care and good amount of playing that the strings will become a bit more smooth. I’ve also ordered the spray that you suggested, I’ll give that a try and report back. So far, the music nomad string fuel seems to work pretty well.

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You can also wear a silk glove on your fretting hand. It will make sliding on the fret much smoother.

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That is not a joke. You can buy Musicians gloves on Amazon, or other places, and they work quite well for a variety of conditions.
Look at Scott Divine on Scotts Bass Lessons, he wears one to aid with a neurological disorder he has that makes his fingers shake and move uncontrollably, when he wears the glove, it helps with that, and it is Dr. recommended, so I think it helps prevent further problems with the condition.