Strings styles

What happens if you use different strings for each note E: round wound A: Flat D: half G: round?? Are there any player who do this?


I guess my first question would be “why?”

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it but it sounds like a very weird playing experience.


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What do you think would happen?

I have mixed some strings before just different brand not type and it’s not a good result the volume out of each brand are not the same. Mixing different type of strings won’t make a fun session. You can probably adjust and balance out each string volume if you have a saddle piezo with the preamp that can adjust individual string.


You also need to consider that different strings (makes, types) have different tensions and to balance that in a mixed set is likely going to be very, very difficult. So, if nothing else, you might have a slightly warped neck and get string buzz on one of the strings and not the others or vice versa.

I am sure people have experimented with this and then inevitably come to the conclusion that there is NO good reason to do this, not even any artistic benefits.

IF you try this - and you might have to buy four entire sets of different strings for this experiment (unless you can find singles) - then DON’T cut the strings when you install them; that way you can more easily re-use them on another bass, with slightly different scale lengths or different tuner layouts on the headstock.


Let me ask this, what are you trying to do?

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Thundercat mixes strings.

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What will happen depends on entirely your level of bass playing skill.
If you sound like garbage, people will assume that you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and will talk about you behind your back. You may not get invited to parties.

If you sound like a bass god, people will think that you’re revolutionary and will copy what you’ve done. You’ll have youtube folks analyse your setup.

In either case, nothing will catch on fire.
Knock yourself out.

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thats what jimi thought too

never mix strings its just not worth it