Strings Too Tight?

I recently bought some new strings. They’re Dunlop roundwounds 105/85/70/50. I was able to tune the E and A strings. They’re a tad tight, but the D and G strings seem to be getting pretty dang tight compared to my old strings.

I’m not an octave too high. I double checked =P

For now, I’m tuned a half step down because I’m afraid I’ll break a string or two if I try to go to standard.

Is this normal with new strings?

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Are these hex core strings? They are supposedly much stiffer than round core strings… Maybe that is the difference that you can notice now!?!


Sure enough. Hex core. I don’t think these strings were meant to be played at EADG. Kind of a blessing in disguise for me honestly because most of what I’m interested in playing is down tuned to DGCF anyway.

Accidental purchase but I’m going to roll with it. :smiley:


I did some research and this is the only set I found fitting those specifications. Are these what you have?


Yessir. Do you think I should try some different strings for Beginner to Badass? I wouldn’t want to compromise my learning experience by not being able to set my tuning properly for the lessons. :confused:

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You have very heavy strings on there. On the D and G particularly.
I would recommend .100 to .045 - same as you have but with a lighter D and G.
You’ll need to adjust your bass as it is markedly lower tension than you’re using now.

I have .100-.045 on my J bass, .105-.045 on my P and my 5 string.

Hope it helps!


Thanks! Yeah, that was very helpful. When you say “adjust.” You mean do a set up right? Truss/bridge/intonation? I’m not sure what I should be looking to do in relation to the strings I’m using.


In general when you change to a different type of strings, you will need a setup, because the tension will be different and the truss rod may need adjusting.


Yes - for the neck, there are truss rod adjustments. For the bridge, there are saddles to move forward/backwards/up and down.

This is generally referred to as a setup, and there tons of cool hints and tricks and links for that here on a more setup-specific forum thread: