Stu Hamm Funk Bass Lessons

Anyone try these?
I realized I need a lot more funk in my playing and came across this.

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Haven’t tried any TrueFire courses but one of his songs is what got me interested in bass originally back in high school!

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I went for it, its on sale for $18.
I am sure I can learn at least $18 worth of stuff


I had his vhs tape it was pretty well made. He’s definitely one of the best in the business.

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Me too.

Also Stu Hamm is the first “amazing bass solo” that I’ve seen back in the day when I played guitar.
I think he played the moonlight sonata on bass or something like that.

Stu’s Slap Bass course is down to $18.

  • 63 Multi-Angle Video Lessons
  • 195 Minutes of Total Video Runtime
  • Tab & Standard Notation Charts
  • Slow-Motion, Looping, & Progress Tracking
  • Guitar Pro and/or Soundslice Interactive Tab
  • Download Size: 1.58 GB

Slap is on my list for the future - but I picked up his $24 Funk Bass for beginners just now. Fair amount of content for the price.

So far I’ve just worked with Josh, so it’ll be interesting to try someone new. The TrueFire platform is way nice. (Josh, I love BB and I love this forum - but the TrueFire platform is pretty state-of-the art compared to BB! - of course that doesn’t matter at all if I don’t like the instructors as much as you!)


I got one of these on sale for $14, the Funk bass one, which is a lot about slap, more than I was expecting.
I got about 1/3 of the way through and have not gone back.
Thanks for the reminder.

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That seems to be a recurring theme for me as well :wink:

I think I saw you and @quadfather mention the Dan Hawkins funk course!? Is that any good??


Really good value here. Guess I’m spending money again.


I bought it and it’s great. A little heavy on theory for me with the brokenbrain aspect, but it’s really good.


It’s a series of funk riffs (mostly not based on slap, a plus) designed to get you thinking about making your own funk riffs based on what he’s showing you. I didn’t finish this either, got hung up on a riff and went elsewhere for a while.

It is good (and cheap) and Dan answers questions readily which is nice. I’ll get back to it at some point but I’m not ready yet for making my own riffs but it’s good in what it shows tou. You may get more out of it @joergkutter thsn me at your level.



Yeah, it’s scary how often and how easy one can get side-tracked with the all the stuff on offer…

Thanks for the vote of confidence… it’s all relative :joy:


I tend to bounce around in various courses and Rich Brown’s stuff, one thing will stick and I’ll focus on it for a few weeks and then work on songs/covers etc. I gave up the notion of having to absorb an entire course of anything in order past B2B. I don’t remember all the info in one course straight away (chord tones from TalkingBass is a good example) so instead I let my interests or needs guide me to whatever info seems useful or fun at that time. A lot less stress and more fun to me this way.


It definitely is all relative, Joerg.

I’ve added the Stu Hamm Funk course to my list of courses (currently up to six).

Studying a variety of courses simultaneously works best for me, kind of like being in college again.

Each course topic and instructor in my queue brings a different perspective on bass technique and music theory, and I dig that.


I’m yet to start it but hoping to get on it in the next few days. Will report back!


Yes, nothing wrong with mixing it up, @MikeC and @John_E - I just wish sometimes I would be better in seeing some of the started endeavors through :joy:


Thanks @John_E . Bought in, I think $18 is a steal. We’ll see when I’m through it.


I hear you, @joergkutter. Maybe it would make things a bit easier if you could determine a common or complementary thread/theme in the courses you have?

For example, a lot of technique-oriented courses share common material, but have different approaches or structure.

The same is true for courses in theory, ear training, arpeggios, scales, genres, etc.

I realize everyone is different, but I find it fun and, for me, useful to approach learning bass by viewing it through different lenses at the same time. But, again, everyone is different and to each his/her own.

Above all, though, you own some sweet basses, so life is good. :grinning:


I think it’s all good, Mike! I have all kinds of plans, and, yes, common themes are good anchors to hold yourself steady by… I guess it is just the sheer amount of possibilities out there that make it hard to focus sometimes. That, and a desire to learn everything at the same time and right now :crazy_face:

I am trying to become better at accepting that it all takes time… quite a bit of time actually!

True! These are all first-world problems :wink:


Definitely good problems to have, my friend!