Sudden loud buzz

I brought a cheap gear4music starter kit bass in March which has been great until now when the buzz is getting too much , however if I put the tone right down it is tolerable but not a great solution . I assume from checking google this is a grounding issue but any advice would be great .

As it is christmas soon and I am enjoying playing bass so much (love the badass course ! ) I was thinking of splashing out on a new bass but I like this cheap one a lot maybe because it was my first bass so would like to see if it is fixable.


Checking the grounding yourself isn’t that difficult. You’ll need a multimeter though:


Thanks Mike, I took it into my local guitar shop , and the bass sounded fine . It turned out the cable was at fault , got a new one and it is all good


Great! Happy to hear that it was something simple :slightly_smiling_face:

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