Sunday afternoon fun quiz

Ok, so just something to have some fun with on a Sunday (afternoon).

You might know these three guys already (then you can’t play really), but chances are you don’t know them. They play a modern kind of trio jazz - hah :wink:

Anyway, let’s call them A, B and C (from left to right).
Who is the bass player? Who is the piano player? Who is the drummer?

Let the clichés and the “prejudices” roll :grin: :joy: (I knew of them, but hadn’t seen their pictures before, but got it in one :sunglasses:)

(And… no googling and reverse image lookup etc - where is the fun in that???)

I’ll post the correct answer later tonight or tomorrow!


I’m going with bass, piano, and drummer - because that’s the order you listed them in :rofl:


The bassist is on the right. He’s wearing a t shirt under a denim shirt.

The other two squares have their top buttons done up but no tie. I don’t care which is which. But they’re not bassists.


It’s only Sunday morning here so I’ll have to revisit later. :upside_down_face:


EDIT: Jeeze, it would help if I actually read the post before responding. Adjusted.


A: Bass. He just has that 1000 yard bass player stare.

B: Piano. The piano player always wears glasses. Always.

C: Drummer:
And he never lets anybody forget it. And he constantly noodles when the other two are trying to make progress during a practice session. (But I respect him.)


The tallest dude is the bassist. He looks like he studied classical guitar but picked up bass because this trio needed a bass player. Either that or he plays an upright and has always played an upright.

The middle guy is the piano player. As mentioned above, it’s the glasses.

The shortest guy is the drummer. Playing in a jazz trio wasn’t his first choice. So certain songs will start up and he’ll grimace. And he frequently disrupts rehearsal by sliding Neal Peart or Mike Portnoy licks into the mix.

Edit: Hah, I had totally missed @bfrederi1’s comments about rehearsal when I wrote that.


I think @justtim, @howard, and I have nailed it (although @howard seems to have traded in his usual insightful analysis for the method I use when buying lottery tickets).
Assuming we are right, do we split the grand prize?

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2 looks like control freaks another just kinda like glue. The tall gentle giant looks like a bass player who’s the glue to the glasses wearing piano professor and the short and mighty drummer. Lol


From left to right: A. drummer, B. keyboards, C. bass.



When I was 15 my friend and I thought it would be cool to throw a big party in my backyard with live music. He played the drums and had a buddy that played guitar and my sister sings and plays guitar also. Ironically, there was no bassist.
Anyway, we plan this big event and the day arrives and we had spent most of the day setting up my back yard. My dad took us to Pizza Hut for a late lunch/ early dinner before the party. While we are there we meet this guy who is playing a gig that night also at the bar outside of town and we had told him about our party. He looked at everyone for a couple seconds then pointed to my buddy and says “drummer!” It blew our minds.
It was a fun night even though we didn’t really know how to put on a live show. As you can see from the picture, we couldn’t even get two mic stands, we taped a mic to a small piece of PVC that we hammered into the ground.




Looked them up to see how close I was. No comment :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for playing this silly quiz/game!

It seems we all (well, what happened there, @eric.kiser ?) picked out the piano player without any problems. That poor chap, who was studying scales when everyone else was out playing soccer or building treehouses. He had to read so much sheet music with too many tiny black dots and as a consequence ended up with glasses (or some such story :grin:)

Now, it was - granted - much more difficult with the other two! I based my own decision on my own experience from my younger days when I played drums in a trio, and most of the bass players I knew then (including the one in my trio, and not least my kid brother) were more of the, uhm, burly type, just a tiny bit rougher around the edges. While the drummer was the lanky kid, happy to hide behind the kit.

Yep, a ton of clichés here, and, of course, we all know people that proof the opposite (our own Josh F. included). Still, it was fun to see that several ended up with the same conclusion, and it was especially fun to read the “reasoning” behind your selections. I have to hand it to @Barney though for making me LOL the most :wink:

So, yes: drums - piano - bass

They are called “GoGo Penguin” and this is some of the music they’re playing:


Man, these guys are tight! The piano dude has obviously listened to a lot of McCoy Tyner. Great stuff. :+1:


While everybody else was out playing in the sun and/or chatting up girls :joy:


Yeah. Jazz guys ultimately find girls in dark clubs. It works out better for everyone. :laughing:


Wow never would have made the Jazz/Goth connection until you said that


Love those little live performances. Lovely sounding group!

If you like you this I’d recommend checking out an up-and-coming UK group called Exploring Birdsong. Wouldn’t apply the jazz label to them but their music is beautiful, and they have a very similar arrangement with their trio.


Oh, yes, a lot of interesting stuff coming out of the UK:

  • Lydian Collective
  • Emily Francis Trio
  • Matthew Halsall

Will check out Exploring Birdsong :smile:


Fun (and informative) exercise, @joergkutter!