Supporting Live Music?

Hey folks.
Thought I’d start this topic here because it’s been on my list of resolutions for this year: To go to at least one show a month as a ticket-buying fan.
Tonight I’m headed off to this show, and wanted to know - What are you all going out to see? Anything fun?

More musings follow, but I’m really trying to get the main point up top, and saving my love of typing and writing for the real patient folk.

As a professional musician, I end up at a lot of shows. It’s like I’m going to 10-20 shows a month. But! When you’re working (or if you’re working in a genre that doesn’t really stoke your fire) you can get burned out on live music, a genre, the scene, etc. etc.
As a fan (and a fan whose day-job is musician), it’s hard to find time and money to do anything, let alone drop $20 or more on a ticket, drive somewhere, stay out late, buy merchandise, etc. etc.
The excuses are plentiful.
But in this year of one show (minimum) a month, my fires are STOKED!! Going out and being a part of the musical community is so invigorating. The music is 1 bazillion times more inspiring up close, and the experience is like full-body-mind-therapy.
It restores faith in humanity, it keeps things on a calendar worth working towards, and keeps me stocked on new vinyl and cool shirts!!
Just a reflective plug to go out and enjoy the music and musicians that you love.


Thanks for sharing this dude! I need the kick in the pants to get out of the house and hear shows too. Funny you posted this today, I actually just bought tickets to a show next week at Yoshi’s earlier, some soul/funk CD release thing.

Another reason I’d like to get out to more shows is to get a feel for more local venues, if/when I ever get into booking more it would be cool to have a better grasp on what venues are good for what kinds of band, how different rooms feel, etc.


OOOOOOOOHH Shoot, and just found out Victor Wooten will be back at Yoshi’s in August with the trio! (Bob Franceschini + Dennis Chambers). Tickets bought.
If I get to play the sweet MIDI bass before the show again I’ll try to get video for you guys. :sunglasses: