Sweetwater’s Annual Wish List Giveaway

It’s that time of year again, Sweetwater is running a ‘win your wishlist’ giveaway.
Load up your wishlist with $5,000 worth of stuff and wait for the doorbell to ring.

It’s worth a shot anyway…


I’m in…
#WinYourWishlist | Sweetwater

ELIGIBILITY: The Giveaway is open to legal residents of the United States

:-1: BOO :-1:

seriously I would pay for shipping


Didn’t notice that. :frowning: Too bad.

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Do we add the gear to our Cart or is there a specific “Wish List”??

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you will see a ‘add to list’ option, some gear doesnt qualify so the option isnt there, like Rickenbackers.

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Thanks! Found it! It has a heart next to it.
Picked a NS fretless bass, GK Legacy amp, Neo 1x15 cab. Fingers crossed!!!

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This has me curious, as $5000 worth of gear, is $5000 worth of gear. Why make some of it off limits?

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I would think it has to do with profit margins, @emme . . . :wink:


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Most likely at the mfg’s request.
Some don’t participate in various promotions, etc.
Like when Guitar Center has a huge sale but nothing from anyone you want to buy from is in the sale…

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