Switching instruments back and forth

I have been heavy into sax the past week and picked up a bass tonight to learn a tune.
It is almost as if my fingers are re-programmed to play sax and not bass.
My hands actually hurt, very quickly.

Then I realized - I was messing with my drum pad and some free Drumeo lessons this evening for about an hour. Dang if drumming isn’t painful at first I guess.

Do others have these issues?
Either fingers that want the ‘other’ instrument’ or just exhausted fingers/hands?

There is not enough time in the day dammit.


I am actually finding guitar practice to be a good substitute for bass practice. A lot of skills translate.


IMO based on my own struggle to juggle 3 instruments it’s counter productive.


I know how that feel @John_E. I was doing drums and bass I had the same kind of moments. When I play bass I usually leaning on a smoother side than snappy and power which I generally do when I play drums. Obviously, the songs choices are quite different. That said, my recent experience with acoustic drum kit really taught me about the essence of milking the tone out of lower volume and intensity.

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