Tab advice needed

Hi Guys
As you know I am new to all of this stuff and I am trying to learn a new piece By (I can’t believe I am going to say this) Coldplay.
I found the tab for the piece but there are things like 3h5 and 0h5.
What do these mean?
Tab here


I believe it indicates to “hammer” onto an note, @studio :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe


I take it you have seen the legend all the way at the bottom of the tabs explaining the symbols!?!

As @Jazzbass19 said, “h” means “hammer-on”. But, perhaps you are unclear on what that exactly entails?? It means that you don’t pluck that note, but bring your fretting finger down with enough force (on the given fret) to create the note associated with that fret.

Some other stuff showing up in those tabs are slides (/) and ghost (or mute) notes (x). Slides are fairly self-explanatory and fairly easy to execute; ghost notes are quite a bit more tricky. I would say you could skip them for now and not change much…


Thanks @Jazzbass19 Hammer ons of course.
And thank you @joergkutter. As you get to know me on here you will realise I rarely take the easy sensible common sense way of doing anything:wink:
I am like this with anything. I never actually read the instructions to anything and prefer to just get into a muddle and then ask others for help.
In my defense, other might learn stuff from my idiotic questions as well so there is a plus side to this. I ask the silly questions so you don’t have to.
Thank you both again for your very useful answers .:clap:


That’s totally cool, @studio!

You’re right about this, too! AND… I think those of us doing the explaining at any given time also get better at the stuff!


On the mute notes do you just tap the stings or life slightly on your left hand pressure?

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Yes, basically your lift your finger such that you don’t fret a note, but instead mute the string while you pluck it with the other hand. This, in my opinion, takes some practice to master (as most things), as I have a hard time convincing myself to pluck a string while I am not properly fretting a note… Also, you need to avoid doing the “muting” too lightly or in a position where you get harmonics (unless that is explicitly what you are going for).

If it works, it’s quite cool as you get a percussive groove along with a melodic groove!


Thanks @joergkutter. I have been working on the above song. I don’t have it all down yet but I might post a cover of it anyway so I can get some feedback and then post another in a week or so to see if I have improved.