Tablature symbols

I was recently trying to learn a song off a youtube video (caravel by greta van fleet for anyone interested Greta Van Fleet - Caravel // Bass Cover // Play Along Tabs and Notation - YouTube) and i came across these two symbols in the tabs that i can’t find out what they mean

the first one being the smaller 5 in front if the 7 on the d string and the second being the dot above the 7 on the a string


any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The wee 5 is a grace note, you play it quickly and quieter, or barely, it sort of transitions quickly into the A (the 7).
The dot means staccato, or play it very quick and end it abruptly.


The smaller 5 on the D string is a grace note. Rhythmically, it has no value. You play it very quickly just prior to the second beat in this measure (think: like a whisper).

The dot over the 7 on the A string is a staccato symbol for that note, or very short/pointed attack.


Typing at the same time. :man_shrugging:


thank you thank you!!