Taking ‘live’ lessons - share your experiences

I decided it was at a point that I know enough (and more importantly know what I don’t know) to get some ‘live’ (aka Zoom, thanks Delta) lessons.

Today was my first. A guy called Charlie Sabatino in Queens, NY. I had found him online but then also was recommended by a friend at work who is also his friend, figured that was a sign. What I liked is before my first lesson we zoomed and did the intros and talked about where I have been and what I am looking for (this was great, meant we could dive right into the first lesson). I also shared the YouTube videos I’ve been doing and posting here. This gave him everything he needed to work with.

He sent a bunch of materials ahead of time, and, after reviewing them I was a bit skeptical. But, during our lesson this morning he had nailed what I was looking for and has given me an entire thoughtfully planned out practice routine (not riffs and songs or online lesson type things, actual exercises with purpose). What he gave me slides/weaves right into what I am working on in talkingbass.net classes I have had and am taking (man, he really paid attention). He knew Mark’s lessons, and Josh’s for that matter. What I am doing with him doesn’t take the place of online, but adds to it, which is good as I was afraid one would usurp the other, not so.

I like learning online and getting to a point where I know what I want from a live instructor. The time is right. Looking forward to the journey expanding even further.

In the other how much theory does one need thread, we have been talking about theory alone, but I suggest we think not only of theory, but of technique and skill building as well as a ‘how much of each do we each/all need’ line of thinking too.

Share your live lesson experiences here if you like…


I’m glad you are enjoying those sessions @John_E there is nothing like one-on-one…
I had a bass coach for about six months, but quit because the weekly 30 mile (each way) drive was killing me. I really like him and wish he was closer. We tried the Zoom thing one time, but the connection was so horrid, it turned out to be a waste of an hour.
I got a lot out my sessions with him. The best thing is that he was right there to catch me doing something “incorrectly” and correcting me. Those six months were very well spent, and I would do it again if I could find someone closer to me.
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