Talkingbass/BassBuzz Interview

Hi everyone. Just to let you all know I’ve posted the interview with Josh: When TalkingBass Met BassBuzz!! (Everything You Wanted To Know About Josh Fossgreen!) - YouTube


I’m watching it live. Really interesting.


What’s REALLY interesting is @JoshFossgreen’s BassBuzz shirt!!!


Noticed that and asked about it. No reply.


I think it is cool that those two can lay ego aside and talk like old friends.


WTF, @JoshFossgreen!?

Edit: Holy hell, Josh is 6’7" tall? :open_mouth:


Yep, his gratuitous height was cussed and discussed in a long-ago thread.

But Josh also looks jacked now. He must have applied his bass fu concentration to his martial arts training.


Everyone knows vegan bass players have superpowers.


Probably a prototype :thinking:


Let’s hope he doesn’t occasionally ingest gelato, partake in plates of chicken parmesan or god forbid, imbibe a half-and-half…


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Well, I couldn’t see it live (pub required my attendance :smiley: ) but next morning (Central European Time) first thing I did.
I was aware of the height of Josh (but Mark’s getting shorter by TWO inches surprised me a lot! :open_mouth: ); couldn’t NOT notice however that Josh is ripped now, good for him :metal:

One thing: I understand it was an excellent idea to focus on and create the Badass material for the full beginners but… Still I wish we could have any follow-up in Josh-style/patience/methodology/feeling. As admitted in the interview by Josh he is aware it is long due but finally I came to understand why it is hard to also enter this (advanced level?) arena (vs beginner) and how much work it is to create such amount of material but… BUT… I am absolutely positive it would have its own market - at least half of the official_badasses would continue - now struggling with options and even though I like Mark, Luke, Scott, Ian etc. but the approach and personality of BassBuzz is soooo unique. Pretty please, @JoshFossgreen how could we support this dream to come true and have any successor training any time soon? :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:

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Everyone here is aware of Josh’s other youtube channel, right?

He does a lot of intermediate/advances stuff there.

Fewer updates recently but some great content there.

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Yes - however a nice, structured training path/course would be a different piece of cake I believe. Would LOVE to spend some money on that :wink:

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Oh yeah, for sure. No argument there :slight_smile:

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I took Josh’s course, have a membership to SBL, and have purchased a couple of courses from Talking Bass. Enjoyed all of them, but Josh is the best teacher hands down IMO.


Haha crap you caught me! As @Mike_NL said, it’s a prototype, testing out manufacturers. Shirts coming for real at some point! I’ll sell my sweaty prototype to the highest bidder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chicken parm isn’t vegan? :crazy_face:

Haha, thanks Mike and all! Just a bit of bodyweight calisthenics and creatine. :muscle:

I wish that too! As everyone here knows, it’s been freaking years with no follow up course, so not making any promises on the timeline. Keeping the Youtube stuff coming is a big time investment. But I hope to make it happen someday!


Where can we start that bidding? I want in on that. Only because it’s the closest I’ll ever get to bass greatness😆

DAMN! You’re 6’7"! I used to be 5’8", I’ve shrunk to about 5’6"! (LOL) I’ve met Mick Fleetwood once and he was so tall, and he’s only 6’5"! No wonder my hands still struggle with stretching even on the J bass neck. Oh well, I can adapt, I can overcome.

Oh well, I had a buddy who was 6’9". When we went someplace he had to drive (bench seat) cause he couldn’t get in the car with me driving! (LOL)


Does he reveal the meaning behind the banana tattoo? I thought he mentioned he’d tell us at the end of the B2B course but I never heard an explanation.

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