TC Electronic Customer Service

Has anyone had to deal with TCE customer service?
I received a wiretap riff recorder pedal for christmas and it is virtually unusable. It relies of a bluetooth connection to your phone which constantly disconnects and the app freezes meaning I have to reboot my phone several times a session.
Im sure the pedal itself is not to blame but the app is atrocious.
This was the reply from TCE


there are no imediate plans for any updates i’m afraid. i asked our product manager too, but with regards to ongoing projects and deliveries i have a hard time seeing this becoming a priority at this point of time.

I’m also a fan of the wiretap, but stick to USB import /export for better audio quality (wav vs mp3)



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I returned a defective-on-arrival TC amp but never dealt directly with TC myself, just the vendor.

I just bought a TC pedal today (Nether octaver), hopefully it will function when it arrives :slight_smile:

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It has made me think twice about buyinga TC amp.

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I don’t blame you, having received a bad one myself :slight_smile:

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@howard The pedal itself is cool, it is the app that goes with it what is shit
If I was going to buy anything from TC I think I would avoid anything that requires additional apps that talk to your phone etc so I would not now buy the BH250 with TonePrint etc. I think I would be OK with just a simple amp.
I am thinking of paying a little extra and maybe going for the Trace Elliot elf and matching cab.

Cool. I’ve read a lot of people saying they loved the Elf but I never got a chance to hear one myself. I don’t think I have ever read a bad thing about it though.

Trace Elliot elf head and 300W cab bundle right on the money

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The pedal functioned just fine on arrival :slight_smile:

It’s also super well made, I was surprised. It’s a TC upgrade of a Behringer circuit, made with better parts than Behringer uses. The circuit is a clone of the Boss OC-2. The pedal itself is built like a tank. I was very pleasantly surprised.