Tc Electronic k212 cabinet

I am searching all over God’s creation looking for the TC Electronic K212 cab and it is unavailable everywhere did they stop making these? Anything comparable that would work well with my Rh 450 or my Bq 500 head? I really like these cabs but I cannot find them.


If money is not a consideration, Darkglass just launched a series of lightweight, compact cabs that look like similar (but likely much better) cabs similar to those TCs.

(I love it when Gregor gets Ida to demo stuff :slight_smile: )

That said, it looks like the K212 is still shipping, at least places here seem to have it in stock, and if you can get here, you should be able to get it elsewhere… sample links:


What specific wattage are you looking for? Do you need 8ohms, or 4ohm
Are you looking for one of them, or two.
Two of these may work
One of these

I personally prefer 410 like this

Of course, I am just blindly throwing darts across a dark room, hoping to hit the center of a dart board I can’t see. lol

Because I am not familiar with that specific cabinet you are looking for, I don’t know how you will use it. Assuming it will be a single Cab for your Amp head, possibly two cab’s running parallel?
And what price point are you wanting to stay within?

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@howard Haha I just saw the link! I will check out the darkglass thank you! @T_dub I am looking for something in 8 ohm preferably and I am using it for small venues. Thanks for the suggestions


@T_dub I am trying to stay under 500 if possible. I am on a budget but I want the best bang for my buck of course. I should have specified in my last comment 4 or 8 ohm and all three of the suggestions are really nice cabs

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Any of those choices will be top notch cabs, yeah.

The big advantage of the DG cabs is they are very light (like the TC) but still sound awesome. But more than double your budget so likely out.

G-K and MesaBoogie cabs would be amazing.

You could check out MarkBass too but they trend expensive.

Eden is probably the brand I will use the next time I need a cab. Inexpensive and compact, maybe not so light though. Here’s a used one in your budget:


Also, do you prefer NEW, or are you ok with used? Vintage?

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I love SWR.
I have the WorkingMan 410 cab, as an add on to my WorkingMan15 combo, or even my WorkingMan10 combo.

You could go 4 x 10, or even this 2x10 is awesome, and pretty cheap. I have found most SWR to be very light, except the smallest one I have, the WorkingMan10 is pretty heavy for its size, but the WorkingMan15 combo and the 4x10 cab are surprisingly light.

Most of these are local pick up, so they are more or less, just ideas, but I have been able to find all the SWR I need on Offer Up and Let Go
And between the two combo’s and the one cab, I only have $300 invested. Locally I was able to get each one for $100

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I have not had a chance to play thru Eden, but there are a few nice looking options in the local 2nd hand market.
I have all the amps I can handle, and then some. I have one other combo for sale at the moment.

Speaking of which, the Hartke cabinets with the aluminum cones are pretty nice as well.

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Yeah I have never actually heard one either but they have a very good reputation and the price is right, low enough to gamble on used.

I love the Hartke feature on their smaller cabs where they do the tilt up thing for stage monitoring. Wouldn’t translate well to a 2x12 but it’s a great idea.

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Hartke HyDrive 210
Big enough to only need one, if you can live with the 10" speakers.
Personally, I prefer them, but that is my preference, they are punchier, cut thru a little better.

The older Hartke XL series. I had a 8x10 cab. I got it in a bundle and ended up selling it, but paired with just a 250 watt Hartke HA1200 head, that think was LOUD, and sounded great. I sold it cuz it was WAY more then I needed, and I was only after the Schecter Elite-5 that was packaged with it.
After selling the Amp Head and Cab, I got the Bass, hard case, set of strings (5) and two cords, and a leather strap for $75 :wink:

Thats it 2 x 12 is a tough nut to crack without going over $500. There are some, but not as many. 10’s are pretty popular

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I have the tc Rh450 head going through the rs series cabs. Lightweight and sound excellent with the well respected eminence woofs and tweets. In my case I have the 2x10 and 1x12. If you need more than that they have 4x10 and single 15’s. They show up used on reverb and ebay occasionally.


I am open to used gear I buy and sell through Reverb most of the time. Thanks for all the great help. I love vintage gear as well as some of the newer stuff. I have tossed the idea of the Hartke Hydrive around too. I could always sell another guitar to buy more bass gear lol I am going to look into some of these again and see what’s out there. I appreciate all the help


Thats what we are here for, we appreciate being able to help.

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Hey @howard,
I have a David Eden speaker👍 Mine has a single 15” and tweeter.
Awesome tone :+1:
Cheers Brian


Awesome! Everything I have heard about them is good.