Tech 21 Sans Amp Programmable Bass Driver and DI

If you happen to own one of these DI’s and have struggled to understand how to adjust the MIDS (since it doesn’t have a MIDS adjustment knob) I finally found a clear explanation on how to do it.
Taking the risk of stating the obvious and that I didn’t understand from the manual:
Mids are preset at 750.

  1. Turning both, Bass and Treble counter clock-wise will emphasize Mids. (Scoop up Mids)
  2. Turning both, Bass and Treble clock-wise will scoop away Mids. (Scoop down Mids)
  3. Adjusting Blend will affect Drive and Presence only but not Bass and Treble. It is not a blend between the clean signal and the adjusted signal.
  4. The best way to adjust the tone for drive (up to distortion) is to adjust first the EQ through Bass and Treble with Presence at 12 o’clock and then use Drive and Blend. Higher Drive with low Blend offers a subtle tubular Overdrive vs higher Drive with high Blend goes into high Distortion. Both can be additionally shaped with Presence afterwards.

I’m very much into different Ampeg tones and understanding this allowed me to do almost the same as on a SansAmp VT or come close to Ampeg pedals I have been GASing. (SVT and FlipTop)

I hope this is useful to someone… less can be more.

The video is in Spanish in case you want to see it: