Technique-left hand

Hey everybody.
So I’m working on module 5, lesson 2.
Got the notes down but my pinky keeps sticking straight up (very rigid looking)
I want to get my pinky and ring finger more relaxed when playing.
I’ve been working on Josh’s left hand technique lessons but any help would be appreciated!!!

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Try to keep your index finger parallel to the fret wire, that will help. And, I think it is normal that your ring finger and pinky are a bit stubborn on this one. Focus on the other two fingers and don’t worry about it too much.


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Will definitely try that!!!

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After 2 years, that’s still a thing for me. I still have to keep an eye on that little feller. It’s just a time and practice thing, i think. It Will come to you.


A lot of this!
Relaxation is key.

The relaxation test:
Hold your hand relaxed in front of you:
Everything is close together, it’s the ideal hand position - the fingers gently curling, almost like you’re holding an orange. This is ideal.

Tense your hand:
The fingers splay out and separate.

If your fingers are flying its because your hand is still very tense. This makes sense when you’re starting out as you’ve never asked your fingers to do this very weird and specialized thing before. Also, you need to press the string down hard enough to get a good sound. All of this will mean tension for a beginning hand.

Over time, (and things to keep in mind while practicing) - you’ll find that ultimate balance between fretting too hard and the perfect/minimal amount of pressure needed to get a good sound. Between that and the general conditioning of your fingers getting used to being in this position and accomplishing the fretting activity, it will get better.
But remember - a relaxed hand never has flying fingers.
That’s the key.


Some very good advice from Gio.
Another thing is to play it very slowly for a while. Slow enough to give your hand a chance to relax before you play the next note. This might be painfully slow but it will allow you to teach your fingers what you want from them. Try this:

  1. Lightly touch the string for the first note without pressing the string down.
  2. Slowly press the string down to fret the note while carefully watching the other fingers. If they start to move pause and relax.
  3. Play the first note.
  4. Slowly move the finger that will play the next note into position so it touches the string without pressing it down. Keep the finger holding the first note in place, (assuming you don’t need to change your hand position) Pause and try to relax your hand.
  5. Slowly release the finger on the first note so that the string comes back to its normal position but keep your finger touching it very lightly. At the same time slowly press down with the finger that plays the second note,
  6. Play the second note.
  7. Repeat for the next note.

This is actually quite a hard exercise to do well with a high level of focus and concentration. Or at least it is for me! But it will help your fretting hand if practiced regularly.