So I have a question.

I am a beginner bassist and am having quite the struggle with flying fingers!!!

What are some of your suggestions on how to handle flying fingers?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!


keep practicing, it comes with time.
Also, you can play any passage or scale, etc slowly, with a metronome, keep going slower and slower until your fingers start doing what you want (this will be very very very very very slow). Keep at that and turn up the metronome 2 bpm, and play, fingers start to fly, slow back down, keep going up by 2 bpm as you can play without fingers flying.

This is a great exercise to also learn scales, do it all over the fretboard, just pick a starting note. It will help you control your fingers faster, however, in the end it just takes time for your brain, eyes, and fingers to start coordinating on their own.

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Josh has a good “finger exercise” video that helps you address a few basic technique things:

But in general, anytime you’ve identified a problem (good for you!) stare at it while you practice and force the change during a practice session. Continuing to change your technique and some sleeps will definitely net results.


I really appreciate the help!!!

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I suffered from the flying fingers when I’m typing fast. best way to fix it is the same get yourself in a good default starting position hovering just above the fret and (think) pressing down, instead of hammering down.

If you are new to this you just simply do not have the muscle memory to do it yet, like @John_E said keep practicing and you’ll get better at it. Like everything else, looking good takes a lot of practice and growing pain, but it’s worth it. lol.