Teleprompter for chords and lyrics

Anyone here ever tried a music and/or lyrics teleprompter? You can scroll the lyrics with the chords between the lines.
I am having trouble equipment wise. Either I can’t get the software to run. Or BIG bucks for the real good stuff with too much recording features for a newbee. Or just plain old crappy junk.
It is really good for chord sheets if you can find the right stuff.
Setting this up on a laptop would be ideal.


Like these ones? apps


I have not used these, but most musicians I’ve played with in ‘gotta-read’ sessions have used their ipads and simple swipes to get at the next page of the chart.
I don’t think they scroll.
But it makes keeping your charts together easier, and makes page turns easier.


Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I live in an android world. I will check to see if any of them can be had in android,

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