Tell Tale Signs for a Good (or Bad) Drummer?


The Duff McKagan thread has got me thinking…

What are some tell tale signs whether a drummer has chops or not? :thinking:


(in Yoda voice)

Chops not important…
Only groove important…
(end Yoda voice)

You’ll know because it feels like this:
When you lay down on the perfect mattress, vs. Super 8 Motel mattress.

Driving in your grandfathers Lincoln Continental vs. your Jeep Cherokee where the transmission is shot.

Floating across the water in a safe and sea-worthy ship, rather than swimming against a harsh tide and pounding waves.

Trusting the drummer to nail the song - to know the song - to keep the time, to lead the band - those are the signs of a good drummer. And it should feel absolutely lovely to play bass to their parts.