Thanks Josh!

Thanks @muff, it’s great having you around! :blush:


Thank You @JoshFossgreen!!

On July 13, 2019 I purchased my first Bass (I now own two), and on July 15 I signed up for your B2B course……

I completed my final course lesson yesterday afternoon Sept 11 – in just under two months. I am now not only a ‘Badass’, but an official “Super Badass”!

Having played guitar for the past 60+ years, I wanted to take a course that would allow me to learn a new instrument the ‘correct’ way yet provide me the freedom to be able to set my own learning schedule. Living in the country and being miles away from any town or city poses an additional challenge when looking for any local experienced music teachers – there just aren’t any – the B2B online course was the perfect solution!

With very limited internet capabilities where I live (no internet – just limited cell phone coverage), I was able to take and complete this course online using my cell phone and my MBP. This alone shows that the IT team that put this course (and website) together knew exactly what they were doing for all 109 lessons (and forum) to stream pretty much flawlessly for me using nothing more than a cell phone ‘hotspot’! Yes, there were a few times when ‘buffering’ took place, but I suppose that just forced me to concentrate a little more on my ‘timing’ techniques…

Your teaching style and technique are remarkable in that you truly interact in a very personable way that makes each lesson a virtual ‘new’ experience. Many times, I’ve stumbled into my music room after watching the morning or evening news with a somewhat ‘sour’ attitude towards life here on planet earth yet, after just a few minutes into a lesson, that attitude just disappeared, and all order was reestablished. Must be that “Force”….

All this being said, the ONE most important thing that I have learned by taking this B2B course was “Diversity”…. You were able to do something within my being that no (and I mean NO) formal training, classes, etc. that I was ‘forced’ to attend as a Manager within the Federal Government workforce was able to accomplish… I learned that being more ‘Diverse as a Musician’ opened my soul to being more ‘Diverse as a Human’….

For this one thing I will eternally be grateful.

“May The Force Be With You!”

Bill “Lanny” Lanahan
Fort Valley, Georgia USA


That’s awesome!


Good for you, Bill . . . great job and glad you made it through! :clap::clap:

Yes, indeed . . . Josh makes it feel very relaxed. :+1:


That was good news, impressive, on-the-money, and touching. Thanks for sharing, and well done on an impressive schedule. Lovely to read such a glowing review but also to hear somebody who’s got so much more out of the course.

I am finding it rewarding to be in these forums and interact with the social diversity of everybody. It’s been one of the unexpected bonuses. If I’m honest, it’s one of the reasons that convinced me to sign up to the course - yes, I was here for weeks before ponying up the dosh.

I spent almost an hour today telling my pro musician sister about the course and why I’ve found it different to my previous attempts to learn bass. It’s been so much more than just online lessons.