Thanks Josh!

I’m sure there’s other thank you threads so apologies for making a new one, but after finishing the course I just wanted to say thanks. You really have a gift for teaching and the course was great. Looks like it took about 100 days for me and I was in no way trying to move fast; just right.

My best friend from college has been keeping things going this whole time, never really quit, and we’re passing Audacity projects back and forth now. Super fun, and you helped out a lot with getting me here. Both with the course itself and tons of good advice from you and @Gio.

Three months to pick up a new instrument to the point of jamming with old bandmates - after a couple decades of no music at all - is pretty damn satisfying and says a lot about the course.

Also I have to say - you’ve managed to curate what is by far the friendliest music forum on the internet. Everyone here is great. I have no idea how you did that :slight_smile:


+1 to everything @howard said (well, apart from the Audacity project exchanging bit - but yet another inspiration to try and reconnect with old musical friends)!!

It took me 6 months to finish the course, but I got amply “side-tracked” (read: inspired) along the way to dive deeper into some music theory (again) and to explore what tools are available nowadays for learning music and playing an instrument (= countless hours on YouTube, listening, learning, playing along, …).

It’s been a blast and the forum here continues to provide a place to share insights, learn more about the bass, find new music, and just keep getting inspired on many levels.

So, yeah, thanks to Josh and all who have been involved in initiating, creating, curating, and contributing!

PS: it is not hyperbole that I mentioned “inspiration” three times here - this really is the keyword for me, and I am really grateful for having gotten that proverbial kick in the behind from the course and the forum!


Haha no apology necessary @howard , it never gets old hearing about people’s success with the course. It’s gratifying to have put so many hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands now?) of hours into BassBuzz and see it having actual results in the lives of you and others!

Happy to hear you’re jamming with people! That’s the best.

Me either! Must be because bass players are inherently awesome?

And thanks to you too @joergkutter, for the appreciation, and all your contributing to the forum, with helpful advice and awesome music shares. Really appreciate having you around!

:blush: :heart:


Let me also add my thanks along with @howard and @joergkutter . . . :slight_smile:

Just finished the course today after four and a half months, and it was an excellent experience, @JoshFossgreen!

It’s obvious that you spent a great deal of time and put a lot of thought into planning and implementing it. Your teaching style is relaxed and thorough, making the course fun as well as instructive! I appreciated the way you kept emphasizing and repeating key points throughout the entire course.

The GOOD: I did remarkably well towards the end, particularly with improvisation (which was my biggest concern at the beginning of the course). Learning the major and minor scales, the “funk box”, fingering techniques, and concepts such as roots and fifths, thirds, triads, octaves, etc. etc. were most helpful to me, and I think of them as a “language” with which I can now use to accurately communicate with bandmates. Bravo!

The BAD: A good deal of the “music theory” parts of the course was difficult for me to thoroughly grasp. I had never had any musical training until your course. Couldn’t tell a quarter note from a rest, time signatures, syncopation, etc. Now, at least, I have some grounding and can explore these areas more fully as needs be, as I continue to progress.

The UGLY: Try as I might, I completely failed at the “slap and pop” part of your course. After numerous attempts, I finally gave up and completed it using the standard fingering technique. I guess some “old dogs” just can’t learn new tricks . . . :frowning:

Anyway, your course is certainly worth the money and I would definitely recommend it to others! Next, I will spend some time going back over parts of it to review my weaker areas, and to explore the Course Extras as well.

I look forward to continue improving my skills as a bass player, and to enjoy my time here on these Forums.

Thanks again and all best, Joe


Thanks Joe! Congrats on making it all the way through, and I appreciate all the enthusiasm you’ve shared here on the forum along the way!

Feel free to post if there are any specific concepts that still feel foggy, I’m always happy to help. It helps me make even better stuff in the future to get feedback like that!

Yeah, that’s a tricky one! Even a whole Module of six or so lessons is barely enough to explain all the basics of how that technique works, it really merits a whole course.

If you want to give it another try, feel free to throw up a video of your slapping hand in action and I can probably help you get to a happier place. I’m sure @Gio would have some suggestions too.

Thanks for sharing your experience Joe!



I just want to reiterate all the sentiments shared here, having just finished B2B!

Hugs man!! I feel like we’ve been hanging out, you are a super gifted teacher, and it’s probably way more than 30 hours, considering how many replays I did, due to not paying attention or botching the playalong :slight_smile: And I’m not even done yet, going to take your suggestions there in the Final Quiz, so I’m excited to continue learning, and also go back through B2B again, and get more polished.

I also really appreciate how you come into the forums and modules and help us with questions. I’m not only a badass bass-ka-teer now, but I also understand and enjoy music in general so much more, thanks to you. (Still realistically closer to beginner than badass, but hey, I’m pretty decent now, and I don’t suck anymore :grin: ) And playing bass is so much more fun when you don’t suck, haha. I had a blast too - I feel like a little kid each day with a new toy, I just play and have fun, and the learning just sort of happens…!



Congratulations, @Vik . . . :slight_smile:

Glad to see you made it!


Thanks so much @Vik! Glad you’ve got so much out of the course. Maybe “Don’t Suck Anymore” would be a good name for another course. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah I’m always happy to help! And honestly, now that the forum is populated with so many kind thoughtful people and interesting topics, I look forward to the part of my day when I come here to “help” (i.e. drool over other people’s basses and listen to cool music :yum:)


or for a band :smile:


Definitely a band name @terb , but despite being really quite British, I’d be tempted to go with Don’t Suck No More.


So it’s my turn ! I’m now very officially a bass badass :partying_face: and I even managed to get the super-ultimate-magical-imaginary-gold-super-badass-medal as I checked every single item on the two final quiz checklists :sunglasses:

I wanted to go for the 3-month schedule but I finished the course in one and a half month. I’ve been quick on the first modules, and after that I’ve been very hyped to go to the next lesson so it’s been a quicker journey than expected.

I wanted to thank you very much @JoshFossgreen as the course itself is really well made, I love the way you teach everything very clearly and with a very happy and positive attitude, I also love your small jokes all over the lessons :grin: I guess you were not alone to create all this course (including the website and everything) so I’d like to thank all the team as well.

Speaking about the website, as I’m an IT engineer I can say it (including the forum) is very well made, very clear and efficient. That’s again a great point.

About my personnal experience with the course : my goal was to “reset” my bass learning from the begining, with a more scolar/accademic approach. I’m more than happy with that, as the course made me understand many things that I already used but that I had not really integrated and understood properly. The course also learnt me a lot about the finger plucking technique, and that’s a huge thing for the pick player I am. When I started the course I was not able to alternate plucking properly, and now I can play hard rock chugging with ease, that’s really cool.

As I’m here I also want to thank everybody here, the community on this forum is really great. A special thank to @Gio who helps a lot with detailed analysis and advices ! That’s very useful and appreciated !



Congratulations to you too, @terb . . . :+1:

You did it in record time!

Cheers, Joe


thank you @Jazzbass19 !

that was not intended !


Virtual high five, @terb!! Well done!


Congrats @terb! I’m really glad the course was helpful for you even though you came in with some bass experience.

And thanks for all your great contributions on the forum! It’s good having you around. Merci beaucoup!


Congrats! that’s awesome.


Completed B2B a couple of days ago. Played my first full-version-play-along today - “With or without you” from 50 First Songs. Feeling pretty happy and pleased with myself. This course has been pure gold. I’m looking forward to the next course. :grinning:


Good for you, @Don_D . . . and congratulations! . . . :clap::clap:

Cheers, Joe


Congrats @Don_D! :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks here from me too. Just re-read the pedal-in-a-bass page and yr help and encouragement shine through. I wouldn’t be involved with that at all without BassBuzz. Really glad to be a member of this forum. And now I’m working on my full Jedi capabilities! Can’t say enough about all yr hard work man, I really appreciate it.