The 40 best basslines of all time

Just watched “Sexy Beast” again with the unbelievably great Ben Kingsley (you know, from “Gandhi” fame), who has great fun using a non-PC expression for the female reproductive organ many many MANY times.

Anyway, the movie starts with “Peaches” by The Stranglers. I had totally forgotten about that song (and the really funny lyrics) - but now I’m sitting on the sofa, thinking of my unforgettable year in Brighton (don’t ask!) and doodling it happily, with quite a sheepish expression in my face … according to my gf.

I had to google the song, to see if I got all lyrics right … and found it’s on #4 of the Guitar World’s “The 40 best basslines of all time”.

Why am I telling you?
The other 39 bass lines are not too bad too. Maybe some inspiration for covers (@SunDog?).

Here’s the link:



One of the first bass lines I learned. I remember my brother coming home with a (vinyl) copy of Rattus Novegicus.

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JJ Burnel is my inspiration to play bass. The Stranglers never really made an effort to crack the US (like Oasis) so don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Only a couple of weeks till their 50th anniversary gig at the Royal Albert Hall. Meanwhile I do have this beauty to keep me occupied


Is it already that long?

The bass is a beauty, by the way!

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