The 5 Levels of Longview (For Bass)

You think Longview is just a basic beginner bass riff… but there’s more to Mike Dirnt’s magic than meets the eye.

Check it out here*:

If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, this lesson would fit nicely after we cover swing 8ths in Module 10.

Nailing the Pick Playing

If you’re trying to nail this riff with a pick and it’s your first go around, check out my primer on pick bass to make less of a mess. :slight_smile:

Has anyone heard word about the new Green Day album, I think there’s supposed to be one this year? I’m curious if rich dudes in their 60’s can still punk rock like poor 20 year olds lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

*PS - it turns out Youtube doesn’t reward ‘external views’ the same way, so I won’t be posting direct video links when I first start Youtube threads. It would help me a ton if you’d click the link to the Videos page and click in from there - you guys are the kind of high-quality views that signal to Youtube “this is a good video, I will show it to many bass enthusiasts, I am a good little AI”.


Great video. I’ll have to go back and relearn this with a pick. I also really enjoy the little trivia nuggets you sprinkle in.

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Thanks for the myriad pick perspectives, @JoshFossgreen. What a whole lotta love, figuratively speaking.

As a lifelong guitarist, I first started playing bass years ago with a pick, because I didn’t have a clue about how or why to play fingerstyle.

My yearn to learn finger plucking is what led me to B2B, and you made it logical and fun(ky). Kudos for that!

So, fingers or plectrum? Pick your poison!

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Dunno about rich but Bob Mould still has it going :slight_smile:

TSOL’s still going strong too:

I’ll defend Green Day all day as being punk and not just pop punk, but Mould and TSOL are unassailable, without question hardcore punk pioneers. Still kicking it.

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I’m sorry, but Josh’s weird alien glowing fingers are just effing disturbing. other then that, great video :grin:


I love these videos where you take a song/bass line apart and analyse it! Oh, and…

I’m sorry, but I don’t agree to this at all! I think this is a great way to emphasize the correct fretting fingers, and it should be the new standard from now on, in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


@JoshFossgreen we need more of this type of video (and mid 90’s skate/pop punk to fuel my midlife crisis bass playing!) :wink:

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Wait…there’s P Bass in this video! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
There’s P Bass iN THIS VIDEO! :smiley:



Like these 5 level style of BB vids…the ‘pick trick’ at level 3 was valuable info, so important for the tone and a cool little thing to know

I love info about how the original bassist played a song when I am learning but not always easy to find so keep em coming :+1: :+1:


You nailed it @JoshFossgreen , this one checks all the boxes imo
I’d really like to see more of these videos (I think that the only other one is the smells like teen spirit one :thinking:) where you breakdown a line by levels
Now, on minute 1:21sh you said that you were explaining bar 2 later, did I miss the explanation?

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I said “you’ll see why we’re doing that in a second”, meaning “why are we using the middle finger to start bar 2”… and I didn’t explain it explicitly, but it gets revealed when we add the missing note at the end of the bar, which we play on the 3rd fret with the index.

You better believe I had that J pickup turned OFF!

Sorry too late, already got the LEDs surgically implanted.



seriously it does help with seeing the fingering though. maybe a normal sized hand model stand in?

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Seconded. Motion passes.