The Band Thread

Thought I would start a new topic for any Band related content…

Anything and everything: rehearsals, gigs, auditions, stories, audio or video.

I had a rehearsal with my new band last Thur- we met up for the fist time in October, and this would have been our 2nd practice. Unfortunately, this time my rhythm guitarist was sick, and then the drummer informed me on the way in that he had to work late and could not attend. (so it was just me and the lead guitar) Luckily I had some drums recorded on my looper pedal as a back up.

Once I got home I added some synth to a few of the tracks, and then also some bass on the 2 songs where I was “attempting” to play guitar.

Here are some partial segments of our current originals:


Sounded very Prog rock @lee_editorial,
Great mixing between different songs, all fitted in together really nicely.:sunglasses:
Very cool👍Looking forward to seeing some stuff when the whole band plays😎
Cheers Brian


Thread subject made me think this was going to be The Band thread… not a band thread :sunglasses:

@lee_editorial Are you still working with all the same people or have their been any changes in the line up?



Hey Eric: My original group is somewhat in limbo, but hopefully we will resume after the holidays early next year. That was a band I originally put together to play covers. (but along the way, I also started writing) Some of the stuff I was creating had faster tempos and the drummer just did not feel like he was able to continue with that much energy. (and the singer’s husband got a bad, lengthy case of Covid- but he has since recovered thankfully)

So towards the end of the summer, I placed another CL ad looking for people who might want to play originals- sort of in the style that I was coming up with. (retro/surf/space)
My same lead guitar player from the other band is also in this one- but we’ve got a new drummer and rhythm guitarist. I am really hoping to find a synth player that can jump in and really add a new level to what we are trying to do. (but for now, I am just adding my simple key stuff as accents here and there)

Thanks for asking! Phil



Since you mentioned the other group… I just realized: “Nightfall” was one of those earlier songs and I posted it as an entry for Josh’s planned video about how to make your basslines better. It was selected as one of those to be included in the project, but I never saw the finished video. I’m not sure if it’s still in development, or if Josh scrapped the idea.

I was really looking forward to it so that I could play a cooler version that Josh might come up with! (so hopefully that project is not dead)


Very nice @lee_editorial.

I just hope, if someone asks me to come play with them they don’t demand I wear a mask when I get there.
I’ll walk.


Good stuff @lee_editorial. I enjoyed the clips.


Figured it was time to resurrect this thread…

So after a couple months of meeting with a few local musicians from BandMix, we’ve finally decided to take the leap and start our own band…

We just decided on the songs to be included in our 50 song list, and we’re set to start full reversals on the 19th by rehearsing the first 10 songs in setlist #1….

We’re trying to be ready for our first gig in the spring of 2022 when all of the festivals start taking place here in middle Georgia, but also have some interest from a few local VFW’s and American Legions when ever we’re ready to go live at those venues….

We’ve got a warehouse to practice in with a full PA system and wireless connections for the two guitar players along with wireless headsets for the four of us…

Here’s a list of the first 10 songs we’ll be working on….

|1| Keep Your Hands To Yourself
|2| 867-5309 Jenny
|3| Pride and Joy
|4| Take It Easy
|5| To Love Somebody
|6| Pink Houses
|7| Who’ll Stop The Rain
|8| Hold On Loosely
|9| Summer of 69
|10| Sitting On The Dock of The Bay

Keep On Thumpin’


Congratulations Lanny! That sounds great! How about recording a rehearsal for posting when things start to gel?



Nice Lanny, great to hear!

Damn, I’m jealous… Monitor earpieces for everyone, that sounds awesome! I’ve checked into those systems and they can be really pricey! My band is still in the rehearsal stage, but I’ve always been wary of protecting my hearing. Not a problem yet in the practice environment, but don’t know what to expect we eventually venture out. (Not only ear protection, but just being able to adjust mix volume individually would be amazing- at least I assume how that technology works)

Yes, I 2nd that earlier request: post some video or audio if you are able.

Good luck with it!


No Cher on the playlist? :wink:


Congrats Lanny @Griff
Keep us posted!


Thanks @JerryP, @lee_editorial, @Barney, @John_E:grinning::grinning:

Will see how things progress and try to eventually do some sort of recording… We’re going through the equipment now and hope to have the warehouse practice space ready to rock and roll on the 12th so we can have our first “real” practice/song rehearsal on the 19th…. Will definitely bring a DI to plug into the sound board and also a small amp to hook up if I need to during practice.

Oh, @Barney - yup, back in time​:rofl::rofl:.


Lanny, that’s awesome. Great to hear you’re getting a new band together.


Thanks @eric.kiser - Eric…. One of these days you’re gonna have to make the drive down here to the middle of the state and check things out once we get our song list worked through. We’re on a pretty aggressive schedule to start with.

Been working with two different drummers (in their 50’s/60’s) who both wanted to start bands. I’ve found it much easier to find a drummer to work with first and then add on the guitar players and vocals as time goes on…. Right now I’m the “antique” of the group but hell, all I do is hang out in the back next to the drummer anyway​:rofl::rofl:. The cool thing about starting with a new group of players is that there’s no previous bullshit (drama history) to deal with​:joy::joy:.