The BEST neck...stability wise

I now have 20 basses.
Of them there are two that have the most rock solid staple neck.
Weeks can go buy and they are still perfectly in tune.
(disclaimer: I don’t think this is or should be a requirement or featuer, but just an interesting observation)

Q: Is one of them the quartersawn fancy Custom Shop chunky baseball bat P neck?
A: No

Q: Is one of them the Hofner?
A: Oh ho ho no no, that doesn’t stay in tune for an entire song

Q: Are they some other super expensive bass?
A: One is, one isnt.

The absolute most stable neck I have is on the $339 (at the time of purchase, new) Squier CV '70s Jazz.
The runner up is the $2800 (I paid $1600) Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Dargie Delight HH.
Both necks move the least (or at all) during the change of seasons and humidity changes too.

So…what do we learn from this…
Q: What necks are the most stable?
A: Depends

From a sample size of 20 however, its more of a crap shoot than a sure thing.
I would never ever ever sell the Squier simply because is it so so damn solid.



:rofl: I may consider that one a requirement…


My most stable neck is the graphite neck but only by a bit. I don’t think going out of tune is solely rest on neck movement but the tuners performance as well and I do agree them Squier are great the do stay in tune.

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My most stable neck is whichever bass is currently strung with NYXL’s :slight_smile:


My EB Cobalts are like that. I pretty much haven’t had to retune them since putting them on the C-5, and I didn’t do my usual “yank on 'em a bit and retune” thing I am in the (perhaps bad) habit of doing because I wanted to see.

Today they were a hair flat so I touched them up.

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I don’t know what helps the bass stay tune, but for whatever it’s worth my ray4 is always in tune, I’ve had it for a year now, same factory strings, it barely moves out of green…. Now I’ve had to adjust the intonation twice on the G, shortly after buying it and a couple of months ago :thinking: