The Blues!

Just started a blues journey on SBL. A light clicked and I am thinking, I can do this. The instructor (Phil Mann) is awesome. He is going over history and structure. I had several light bulb moments and I am using the 54p with TI jazz flats and the GK Dry setting on the GT-1B. I rolled the tone back and, voila, blues tone for days. This is going to be fun.


The blues is great. Love to listen to it and play it. Have fun.


A good add on to what you’re doing @EddieJones is jamming along to backing tracks. There are thousands of free ones on YouTube. It’s a great fun way to ‘bake in’ the chord progression whilst practicing.


Good going! I love the blues, playing or listening.


SBL has a really good course called “Learning Pathways” broken down into several different genre’s and subjects. It starts with the most basic rudiments of each lesson and then gets more and more intense as the lessons progress. The teacher he uses (I forget his name) is really, really good at explaining how the blues are constructed and played.

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Pretty new to the bass slang.
54p? It that the bass? I am guessing TI jazz flats are strings. GK is Gallien-Krueger amp & GT is the model.

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@grampbass in 1951 Fender invent and sell the Precision Bass. A Flat slab body, single pickup.

In 1954 they take what they’ve learned from the new Fender Stratocaster guitar and round some of the edges making it more comfortable to play.

In 1957 they install the ‘split pickup’ humbucker that you still see in P basses today. Yeah the design is that old.

Please correct me if any of this is incorrect, cheers.


He nailed it. SBL is Scott’s Bass Lessons. GK dry is a setting on my Boss GT-1B effects processors. TI is Thomastik Infield Jazz Flats. GK is correct. I run everything through an Eden WTX-264 amp and Ashdown 4x10 cabinet.

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I have played blues for many years on electric and acoustic six string guitars and still do because playing the bass in blues songs just wasn’t cutting it for me. YMMV

A good all round blues related course with teaching methods similar to B2B is located here:

I am a life member and it is the only course, besides B2B, that I felt I got my moneys worth for.

I get daily, not weekly or monthly, updates on what is happening and always have. Now that’s dedication to his members. However, the course(s) are geared primarily to 6 string acoustic and electric guitars but cover from beginner to accomplished, in all aspects, in bite sized chunks.

If you want to get more into the blues check it out :+1: :+1: :+1: