The Fender experience

Ok those prices are sane. Glad things are settling.

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March 2019 I picked up a few squiers guitars and basses for under $100 and mim jazz bass for about $300. Bought a usa stingray for $800. That was the tail end of the “good ok’ day.

I purchased a Player Plus P/J MIM because I just wanted an upgrade from the Ibanez RGB300 that I have. I love the feel of it. It is heavy and solid. However, I had fret buzz at the top of the neck like crazy. I brought it to a Fender approved shop to get a set up done. A few day later, they said that the neck had a “bump” in it and could not be fixed by adjusting the truss rod. They contacted Fender who said that it was quicker to send a new guitar rather than a new neck. A few weeks later, it arrived, the shop did a setup on it, and it is now in my living room. It is my go to bass as I am 3/4 through the lessons.

I don’t have a lot of other guitars to compare to and am a newbie. But I really like my Player Plus. The finish is flawless. The neck is thick because it is a P bass, but I have big hands. I actually prefer the strings to be spread out a little. It was a bummer that it took two guitars to get a good one, but Fender did make it right.


That’s all the ‘experience’ you need.
I still love my first bass, a Squire Jazz.

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