The Frankenamp Combo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

take a look at this unique combo. I inherited this amp together with my Fender Precision Lyte. A Warwick transistor top combined with a Marshall cabinet, signed by at that time members of “Iced Earth” and “Blind Guardian”!

I think it not even truly a bass cabinet. Might be just a 1x12" instead of a 15", I never measured it. But it has unique story how it became to be.

In the early nineties its former owner and creator, Patrick, visited a Blind Guardian gig supported by Iced Earth (or vice versa) in a small town youth center near the city of Krefeld (Blind Guardians hometown). Both bands had yet to reach the peak of their fame. Whatever! After the gig they almost ran over Patrick with the tourbus. I don’t know exactly how things came to be, but as an apology he ended up being gifted that (I guess) spare cabinet, already without the top, they had in the bus. They signed it and even dropped him off at is home. :smile: :metal:

Later Patrick clobberd it together with the Warwick top and used it exclusively ever since. And so have I during my time with his band.

Nowadays it serves as rack for our mixing console in the rehearsal room, awaiting to be fired up once more. :wink:


I love Jon Schaffer and just about any music he is involved in.

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