The Gigs! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


The reason I play at all is because of “The Gig”. Okay a sweeping statement but that thing where it all came together: everyone well rehearsed, a decent spot on the bill, a good venue with great sound, a willing crowd. No BUM NOTES! An Encore. Smiley faces. That one that’ll keep you going through the opposite. Bum notes, no crowd, shitty venue with poor sound, people forgetting the chorus/verse/solo/coda… Anyway I said it. I have a - hopefully - nice gig tonight, a callback. Pretty much booked as we came offstage. That’s a good feeling to take to the next gig.
I played a most unusual gig on Thursday for members of Worcestershire Literary Society? An invited audience of maybe 20 for a talk and then some Dub Reggae. This ended up surprisingly being very good. We were thinking “Paid Practice” which still entails putting on the show, smiling, looking as cool as possible for an old fart etc. We ended up improvising quite a lot, we do this 'cos it’s Dub! Strange but good…


Yes, totally. Those good gigs really put some gas in the tank to handle the next not-so-good one.

I’m also finding that for me, if the hang is good and the music is good, I can handle pretty much any “bad show” in terms of pay, audience response, etc. And even if the music isn’t great, a good hang goes a long way. Good hang meaning: people being respectful of my time, appreciating me being there, and just generally being easy to be around.

Glad your Literary Society gig went well, sounds quirky!


And even if the music isn’t great, a good hang goes a long way.

True, we actually do a couple of gigs that really only pay expenses. The fuel, food and drink etc. But the crowd, the owner and the actual vibe has us looking forward to playing there again.


Yeah, totally feel ya.

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This reminded me of a jazz gig I had through college. I was not a great jazz player, but I had an upright. Our drummer was not a great jazz player, but the two of us were available and didn’t demand any money.
The guitarist knew what he was doing and - somehow - suffered his rhythm section.
BUT… because we were rookies, he would play little tricks on us. The meanest/best trick was with the drummer. Whenever there was a drum solo, we would start the solo by playing a nice chord on the downbeat of every 4 bars. Very nice, very helpful.
About half way through the solo, he would turn to me (the drummer would be deep in solo land, oblivious) and say “hit on the 2” or sometimes “3”…
So there this poor drummer is, slamming and jazzing away with his helpful band pleasantly reminding him of his 4 bar phrases… and then we’d move the beat.
I’m not sure the true delight and evilness of the trick comes across here in this post… But know this, readers: It was both delightful and evil.


Yes, it does.


Pure evil!!! :grinning: LOL. As a drummer I have to laugh… its like being into the tune and someone drops a note here n there and all of a sudden i’m looking around wondering what tune we are playing.