The Joy of a Great Practice Session

I just had a great practice session. Not at all certain why it happened like it did, but I’m grateful that the bass gods felt generous today.

How about you? How do feel after a badass practice session?


I just love it when everything is just flowing and in the pocket.


it feels amazing. I’m improv’ing and doing things, and suddenly I rip up and down the neck fluidly and with grace, soul, and I just go “well holy hell, when did I learn how to do that?” :joy:

Or I can just feel myself in the pocket, no drums needed, but I know I am there. I am groove. I am one. I am bass.


Hell yeah! Good on you. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!


Great feeling when things fall into place. There are some days when your fingers don’t seem to do what you want them too


There have been threads/posts about bad/lame practice sessions, etc. They are inevitable as a real part of music life.

But what about your good sessions, when things just clicked?

Cherish those times as the rewards they are.

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Well, I had one of those last night. I have been working on a song from SBL. Steel Maiden. It is fast tempo chugging 8th notes and has a transition from E string 5th Fret to A string 2nd, 3rd, 2nd then back to E string 5th, 3rd and the 1st. That little transition kicked my butt at full tempo. I took Saturday off from playing and last night I nailed Steel Maiden at full tempo and it was clean, muted properly, and right in time with the recording. Felt great. I think I played it about 10 times perfectly with a grin on my face as it kept getting better and better. Tonight I will start working on another song and keep Steel Maiden, September Leaves and some others among my warm-up songs. As I progress, the songs are getting incrementally harder. Soon I will be a bass player extraordinaire.


Congrats, Eddie! That’s great to hear. :+1:

If you can nail it once, you can nail it again, and again, and again.