The Latin Josh Fossgreen

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share this channel I discovered in Youtube. I’m telling you, this guy is the latin @JoshFossgreen!!

His explanations are really clear and easy to follow. I like to think that even though you might not don’t understand Spanish, some of these lessons could be followed… I’m hoping, hence my sharing.

His name is Miki Santamaria

Check this video out. I came out playing some complex stuff (for me at least)

I also enjoyed this one… perhaps not as self explanatory.

I hope its as useful for someone as it was for me


Miki’s famous! Great bassist. I love it when companies get him to demo gear. He’s a Yamaha spokesperson (nice BB734 he has there in that second vid :slight_smile:

Here he is with a TRBX:


@howard I was waiting for your comment on his BB734A. You know I’ve been looking for a second Yamaha!

Tip of the hat to you!


I really kind of want one - almost bought one earlier this year. Great bass :slight_smile: