The Liverbirds

Britain’s first all female rock band
I found this by chance and it is a great story that until now I had never heard of

It’s hard to say what, exactly, was in the water in Liverpool in the early 1960s that wound up producing the Merseybeat sound and hundreds of groups of varying success. Four teenagers caught the scene by surprise and found screaming fans at every turn. Their names were Mary, Sylvia, Pam and Val.

It wasn’t only their sound that turned heads. They were The Liverbirds, Britain’s first all-female rock ’n’ roll band. Sitting down with surviving members Mary McGlory and Sylvia Saunders, you’d never know these two exceedingly charming Scouse (that means they come from Liverpool) matriarchs rocked a tour with The Rolling Stones. Lent their instruments to The Kinks. Rolled joints for Jimi Hendrix.

John Lennon himself told them that girls don’t play guitar. Well, John, they did. Imagine that.


That’s my neck of the woods, and I had some connections with one or two musicians from that era, but I’ve never heard of The Liverbirds.

I must look into it.


Cool story. I’ve always found the idea that girls can’t play guitar to be crazy. After all, they seem to be able to play other stringed instruments like banjos, fiddles/violins, violas, cellos,etc.