The Long And Winding Road

Took a “break” from Module 12 because my Beatles Bass Book 1967-1970 came in the mail.

I asked my wife to pick a song. I told her anything but “Something.” Because that’s too beyond me currently.

She picked The Long And Winding Road and kudos to her. That’s one of the best in their catalog.

The bass line is challenging but not beyond me. Took a long time. I slowed a metronome down to 36. Took it section by section. When I could do it I increased by 10 bbs and repeated until I got to the original 66. Then I played along with the track.

Playing the dual note slides at slow speeds was actually harder than at the faster ones.

I can do it! It’s so fun. And it’s beautiful.


Congrats! On your book and your playing.


The most controversial Beatles bass line.
Something is do-able, I think it was James Eager did a video breakdown and lesson


Have fun! I took a deep into The Beatles and it made me only respect Paul McCartney even more. It was a master class for me.


Beware of every and any Beatles tab book, especially the “official” ones. They are all riddled with errors.

But, net/net if you enjoy playing a song and it sounds good to you then does it matter? I get really down in the weeds with Beatles stuff and try to fix tab errors note for note, don’t do it with most other bands but for some reason I’m compelled. (Constantine Isslamow on YouTube) has really good transcriptions for free of Beatles stuff but even hits have some errors.

This bassline was originally played by John Lennon on a Bass VI (although you can play it on a regular 4-string), and rather poorly at that cause he was having a bit of a hissy fit about it. Here’s my attempt at it…


Vimeo says the page doesnt exist.

True. Maybe my next goal should be to learn it with Luke From A Bassist’s ideas.


Fixed! Thanks.

Try again please.

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Impressed that even just seeing Phil Spector for a few seconds disgusts me.