The more the merrier (groups with multiple bassists)


Bands with multiple guitar players are everywhere, but multiple bass players seems to be rare. Here are a few I’ve stumbled across…


La Fin Du Monde:

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin:

Does anyone know of other multi-bass groups?


Oh yes… see

The Omnific :


Wow I don’t know any of these bands @lucas9000 @gmunatsi! I’ll take a listen.

This Ornette Coleman record has two bass players -

Also this thread wouldn’t be complete with some Superbass -

And some Bass Extremes!

EDIT: Also, just so you guys know, if you put your Youtube links on their own line in your post (hit enter/return, paste the link, hit enter/return again), they’ll automatically embed like in my post. Pretty cool!


Maajong, Happened across these guys by accident on YouTube. Two bass players, a drummer and a variety of horns. Songs called Wavering, Wavering 2.0, Kittt, and Kittt 2.0 are really good. I think you can find them on Facebook too.


Saw the thread title and was arming myself with Ned’s Atomic Dustbin links :slight_smile:

I think the ultimate for me has to be Freebass though, the all-Mancunian bass supergroup formed by my favorite bassist, Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order fame):

Just Peter Hook and Andy Rourke (of The Smiths) are enough to take this totally over the top; adding Mani (from Primal Scream) is ridiculous overkill :slight_smile:


Whoah. I definitely didn’t know this existed. What a rad share! Thanks for the heads up.