The most expensive bass on

Reverb right now…

I think if you want $119,000 for a bass, you should add a tiny bit more description.
Any maybe, just maybe, oh, I dunno, include some sort of proof beyond a carbon copy of something I could have wrote.


Oh yes, the axe responsible for all those banging, booty-moving Dylan basslines


Alternatively, if you are a bit short on cash…


I’d play it. Bright side is you get experience in so many areas. Intonation adjustment, truss rod/neck relief adjustment, bridge adjustment, fret filing, and splinter removal all come to mind. What a great learning experience!


Does Dylan even play bass? The bass Dylan is holding on this picture belonged to Harvey Brooks. It was taken during the Highway sessions.

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At that price I would want a personal handwritten note and a box of chocolates from Dylan himself to go with it.


I can’t remember the bass from a single Dylan song. I would have believed someone if they told me he didn’t have a bass player.

Q. What’s the similarity between the 1993 Fender Jazz Bass guitar and that El Cheapo Ebay Bass?
A. There’s a pretty good chance neither have been played by Dylan on one of his records.

Anyway let’s not knock Dylan here. As I’ve said before, one of the great things about Dylan is that practically anyone can listen to him sing and then think ‘If he can sing, so can I’. It lowers the bar for entry to us all, and that’s a good thing!


On a similar vein, I stumbled across this last night. A Mexican Mustang bass (so new,that’s about $1000 CDN). Up for the bargain price of $4500 CDN because it was used in the Studio by The Darkness. Wow take my money! People have strange concepts of value sometimes.


There was a sax player called Bob Berg. I’d never heard of him but that doesn’t mean much. The family is trying to sell his tenor sax (~$14,000 going market) for $75,000!!!

I don’t get it either.

Side rant - I would love a Gene Simmons Punisher bass, but you can only get them from him, on a KISS Kruise, signed. So the el cheapo bass (the man is cheaper than Leo Fender), it is goes for $3500 because it’s signed. The first thing I would do is wipe off the signature, so no way in hell would I buy it. I’d rather spend on an original BC Rich model for that $, but they are stoopid rare.

He won’t sell other non-signed versions.

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Side note

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Who is the Darkness???

Had to look it up too! They definitely had some hits:

A mere $250 grand and this can be yours:

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That’s recockulous.

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With a double order of cock. Yes.

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And balls?

That’s an optional extra.

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That would be the Wangcaster I believe.


Man. All that talent and all that free time. I’ve often wondered why in portable toilets on jobsites filled with the manliest men there are so many crudely drawn male organs.
Im glad to know it isn’t just bathroom walls, i guess.