The pleasure of live music (Frank Gambale in concert, Hadrien Feraud on the bass)

Hi all, not a super insightful post by me. Just wanted to share the happiness for a concert that I have been able to attend, after more than 2 years of restrictions. My brother got two tickets for a concert by Frank Gambale in a place not far from my home (30 minutes). It was a really good location, with good visibility of the stage, nice lights and very good sound. The musicians have been top notch, the music was excellent. The bassist, Hadrien Feraud, really left my wide-eyed and - given the good quality of the sound - it was really a lesson in bass. He also had an amazing looking bass, I think it was this one: Check out the new Jabba HF Sherwood 5! • Mayones Guitars & Basses or a very similar one (it was 5 strings and with this nice green finish).

So, in the end, what am I saying? Maybe simply that live music is good, good musicians are good… no more than that! Just wanted to share a little piece of joy.


Very nice! And with Gergö Borlai on drums, you can’t get a much better rhythm section these days!

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Absolutely Agree. Rather, I am sorry for not having spelled out the names of the two other musicians, really top notch: Gergo Borlai drums, Jerry Leonide keyboards. They gave us an amazing show and (in my opinion) really played some masterpieces (Passages left me in awe).

This was the place: Cross Roads Live Club

I took some pics but still haven’t worked on those, so I don’t know if I got some worthy snapshot: mostly I didn’t want to “lose” anything of the experience and so I didn’t worry about the camera, but kept my ear (and my eyes) wide open.

Plus: Frank Gambale was really genuinely friendly (and since he speaks an excellent italian, he was a ble to engage easily with the audience, even those who don’t speak english, making some lightearted jokes with us and really… being an all-around nice person).

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Those are the best concerts - great musicians and a good atmosphere and dialog with the audience.

Here is Jerry Léonide with the also very talented Romain Labaye on bass (he holds his bass just like Hadrien… maybe it is the French school :wink:)

This one’s nice too - a Katy Perry cover (I dig the color matching of the drums and the bass :grin: This one is a Ken Smith Burner)

If you are more into Hadrien Feraud, you should check out his work with the group Spirit Fingers!


Thanks for the suggestions! Will surely check him and the group.

For the basses, I freely admit my ignorance, I didn’t know about those bass guitars … but they sport quite a lineup of endorsers. And Feraud’s bass was truly beautiful. His playing absolutely masterful, too.

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Non ti preoccupare :wink:

These are clearly more expensive basses… I know a bit of what he plays because I own this beauty:

And I wouldn’t mind owning this:

Not so crazy about the new one in Sherwood green… (only what concerns the color :smile:)


Wow, those are truly gorgeous!

I love the colour of yours, and I am sure that it sounds even better. Yes, they are quite expensive basses and way beyond my skills (current and future!) Plus the bass that I already have is an excellent instrument and I have not able to use it at a fraction of its potential, so it would be a waste for me.

… But at the same time I admit that I have not been able to avoid looking if there are dealers here in Rome, and not only there is one, but it’s also not far from my workplace… very dangerous! :smiley:

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Haha, yes :grin:

There is really some added pleasure (and motivation) when playing a great (and well adjusted) bass… even if we don’t play anywhere near the level of Hadrien!!

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