The Rockers ( a trip down memory lane)

This flagged up in my google search today and I just had to share it !
If the devil could cast his net ! Phil Lynott ( Thin Lizzy ) on bass, Roy Wood ( Wizard) on guitar, Bev Bevan ( ELO/ Black Sabbath) on drums and Dave Hodges (Chas’n’ Dave) on the piano.
All legends of the 70’s and 80’s who actually did play local pubs under the banner of The Rockers who were put together by Phil.
I’ve been a Thin Lizzy fan for over 40 years so this may well be more significant to me than many of you but it made me smile and took me back to the time when life was simpler, I was in a band (of sorts) and all that really mattered to me was my music and my motorcycle :metal:t2: