The Stradivari of Electric Bass


Being the Primus fan that I am, for years I LuStEd after a Carl Thompson bass.

Ultimately, I got over it. They’re great instruments, don’t get me wrong, but Les Claypool I am not, LOL.


That’s something a lot of people don’t seem to get. In the hands of someone that doesn’t know how to get the most out of it, a Stradivarius would sound just like a $100 learner violin. When I tried (and failed miserably) to learn violin, my teacher could make my learner violin sound almost as good as her $12K violin. There was no way in hell that I could make her $12K violin sound like a $12K violin, though.

She also explained to me that every instrument has a price plateau. It’s at that price point that there is no tangible way of improving the quality and you’re just “showing off” after that. What that price point is depends on the instrument.

Brevity has never been my strong point. Ultimately, what I’m saying is: It’s not the instrument, it’s the person playing it.


Sure, but there’s also the joy to be had in owning a beautifully made object.

As a carpenter i can see the attraction of playing a bass made from some gorgeous wood and all of the skill that goes into building it.

If people work hard and save their money then why not buy something nice. Regardless of whether it’s way above their ability level.

Do I need a handmade Bacchuss bass from Japan? Nope but man look at that grain! :star_struck:


There’s some truth to that, but consider Brian May. He can play any guitar and make it sound good, but to get that Queen sound he needs the Red Special. Stevie Ray needed 13 gauge strings and high action. Malcolm Young needed his Gretsch.

The instrument is a piece of the puzzle, as is the player. An expensive bass won’t play Entwistle bass lines for you, but the right instrument will make it easier for you to play to your potential.

Players simply need the right instrument. Ergonomics do matter. But aren’t the whole story.

It depends


Mostly - yes.
And, mostly, the opposite is true. A virtuoso can make a cheap instrument sound incredilbe.

But there are exceptions.
I recently upgraded my Jupiter low A baritone sax to a Yanagisawa Bronze version, a significant jump in cost, top of the line.
I can say without question that I play beter, sound better etc. because the dang horn all but plays itself. Intonation is spot on. Key action is effortless, no fighting the horn to sound good. Anyone I know that has tried one had the same reaction.

So there is some improvement, depending on the instrument etc that does in fact matter.
But, it is the player at the end of the day.

Most of Josh’s videos are done on an el cheapo Squier on purpose.


Must have been late, Barney… the correct spelling of that first word after the question mark is “YES” :wink:
But, seriously, I have more basses than I need, but a Bacchus Woodline is going to end up in my hands one day :joy:


This one isn’t even a Depends ™ :slight_smile:

Q: Does Gear Matter?
A: Yes, of course. But not as much as time spent playing.


Or their next step up, Momose :slight_smile:

ESP does a nice wood grain on Edwards too:


Haha, yeah, I know there are so many… somehow, though, I have lost my heart to a Woodline. We only ever met online, but I hope to set up a proper date whenever I get a chance to come to Japan again :wink:


More than happy to! I love helping spend other peoples’ money :rofl:

And yes, the Woodlines are absolutely no slouches themselves.


Just clarifying that I was talking about a date with a bass… would love to meet you as well though :joy: :rofl:




Get yourself there next August when I go back and we can have a spending spree day!


You mean next month, or in a year?

August: brace yourself. Over 100F and 80+% humidity.

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Next year. That’s the factory accelerants test for the equipment we bought when I was there last. Takes that longp to build.

Ya, I’ve already been warned about the heat and humidity. It’s been low 90s and 8,000% humidity here for a month already so not much different.

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Yeah, Tokyo and NYC have broadly similar weather.

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Ya but Tokyo is the clear winner for music shops and bathroom technology.


Ugh, this quote had always had some prophetic vibes to it, but I had no idea it was going to happen that quickly :astonished:

Don’t have my hands on it quite yet, but the handover (bad pun) is scheduled for Oct 3 when the bass and its current owner are coming down from Norway for a few days.



I am so happy for you. I know you’ve wanted a Woodline for a long time, and this is absolutely the one to get. Well done.

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