The wrong bass tone can almost make it sound like it's out of tune

I’ve been playing for about a year and a half.

I play along to songs on my stereo.

I sometimes find it hard to dial in the right tone. Sometimes to the point where it fits the song so poorly that it almost sounds out of tune :slight_smile:

I know the bass is in tune and that I’m playing the song right :slight_smile:

Do you have a similar experience? There are soo many bass sounds. Especially if the bassline is actually a synth :slight_smile:

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It depends on how dead on accurate is your tuning. If it’s to the cent it will sound a little off to the ears. That’s why Peterson strobe Turners have the Sweeten tuning feature. Basically, it’s a pleasing to the ear but slightly off.

Analog recordings might just be out of tune as well. It’s All Relative: 5 Great Out-of-Tune Recordings | Reverb News

Yep. This happens all the time, especially the older you go. Less so now with digital recordings (where it usually has to be on purpose).

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In my experience Another One Bites The Dust sounds best when tuned to A-445 as another example.

Could be the recording too.
Eg if it is Van Halen, they tuned to what ever Eddie was tuned to.